Workplace Health Tips for This Winter Season

With temperatures dropping how they are we’ll be in the winter season before we know it. Offices tend to be close quarters and so they present a great breeding ground for health risks. While a business does need to reduce absenteeism as much as possible in order to be productive and profitable, you should also remember that keeping the workplace happy, healthy, and productive means educating them about when they need to stay in bed rather than come to work and put others at risk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that the annual flu vaccine is the best way to keep seasonal health problems at bay, but it’s not the only solution. Hygiene expert Brian Greenberg, co-CEO of Wholesale Janitorial Supply also weighed in on the debate and recommended some simple steps employers could take to create an overall happier and healthier work environment.

Here are the steps that the BBB recommends employers take to keep employees protected .

Put Together a Health Protection Arsenal

Make sure that your office is well-supplied with Kleenex, hand sanitiser and other cleaning products around the office. You should also think about purchasing some no-touch trash cans. Helping employees protect their immune system through the use of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly products could also help.

Promote good hygiene

You need to remind employees how important it is for them to wash their hands and cover their mouths as needed. Also encourage them to clean the equipment that they share with other employees including their phones and computers, and to give the common areas a regular wipe down. Put some friendly reminders throughout the office in simple-to-understand language everyone can follow.

Make it More Convenient

People have never been so busy. Contact your local hospital and pharmacy and see if they would be willing to visit the office and administer flu shots on-site. Many are willing to do this; you just need to ask.

Get employees who don’t feel well to stay at home

Your under the weather employees are going to want to tough it out and show how dedicated they are. In actuality when an employee comes into work not feeling well, the employee can affect those around him or her and bring down productivity. . Employees should be encouraged to go home and stay at home until at least 24 hours have passed since their symptoms faded. You could even introduce a flexible leave policy complete with technology that allows employees to do their work from home if they need to because they or their children do not feel well.

Be a positive role model

Given that you’ve asked all your employees to wash their hands and stop at home if they feel under the weather, it’s time for you to practice what you preach. You’re the boss after all; your employees follow your example. It might sound impossible for a boss to take a day off but you should stay at home and keep your employees healthy.

Visit the Better Business Bureau website ( to find out more information on keeping your workplace safe and healthy.