What Color Are The Cars That Get Pulled Over The Most?

You’ve probably heard the myth that red cars get pulled over the most, and it probably seems to make a lot of sense. Red isn’t just a popular color for a car–it’s a popular color for a sports car. People who own sports cars like to drive fast, right? Not necessarily, according to one oft-mentioned study from 2014. The color that is statistically more likely to get you pulled over the most is none other than white. Red comes in second, with gray and silver taking the next two places.

So what gives?

That information is a little more difficult to infer from that study’s data, but we’ll start there. Researchers found that the models of those vehicles most often pulled over were indeed sports models. The least often pulled over were those you’d expect to see driven by a soccer mom and her seven kids. So maybe red just isn’t as popular a color

All right, so we know the color of the car. We know what kind of vehicle will get you pulled over the most. That’s easy information, but it begs the question: do police officers pull over those vehicles because of the type, or do the drivers of those cars commit more driving infractions such as speeding or DUI?

Next, let’s check out other demographics that might have a bearing on this issue. If you’re a guy, then you’re about thirty percent more likely to get pulled over than a woman is. If you’re twenty years of age, then you get a lot more tickets than your parents–you even get more than your younger peers. You’re also more likely to get caught speeding the faster you go (not a big surprise).

What direction does this point us? Basically, police probably aren’t pulling you over just because of the color of your car. They’re probably not pulling you over because of the make of your car. They’re not pulling you over because of your sex, or your age, or any other reason except the state of your driving. If you follow the law, then you won’t become a part of their ticket quota for the month.

Most of the time, anyway.

It turns out that police are trained to target individuals who show signs of aggressive driving behavior in order to prevent danger to other drivers later on. But most everything on the list is unlawful behavior anyway: you’re speeding, you’ve got a cell phone in your hand, you’re running stop signs, you’re tailgating, and on goes the list. These are all things that new drivers are trained not to do, so if you get pulled over you don’t have anyone else to blame it on but yourself.

Basically, what you should take from this article is really obvious: don’t drive if you’re really young, male, or have a white sports car. You’ll get pulled over, mostly because you’re more likely to be involved in some silly road-related antics. Seriously, try to be careful when you’re driving! Pretend everyone else on the road is a clone of your favorite family member and we’ll probably all be better off in the long run!