They’re Coming and It’s NOT a Horror Film — Yard Invaders

It’s an invasion! All you wanted was a green lawn where your family could settle back and enjoy spending time together. Instead, you have your own horror film with the invasion of the fire ants, chinch bugs, dying trees, and weeds that are taking over.

Maybe you had your own horror family film fest planned with the classics, some really bad B movies with invasions, aliens, or other scary moments. The perfect setting to cuddle with your sweetheart when the moments gets really scary. You just wanted to relax, nibble your popcorn, and chill out or freak out, as the case may be.

Avoiding the Horror of a Yard Invasion

What would you do if your yard was a “No Man’s Land” — an inhospitable place where grass is brown and the weeds and bugs have taken over? Move? That’s too much trouble. Instead, use a trusted lawn care company to handle the situation.

If having the kind of yard that everyone dreams of with cushy, green grass, surrounded by trees, bushes, flowers, and maybe even a vegetable garden, is something you’d really love, it doesn’t need to be a dream. If your green thumb never materialized despite books, advice from your neighbors, and new plants to replace the ones that never made it, there is hope!

Instead of a horror, if your yard has these issues, make your yard the envy of the neighborhood:

Tackle the Grass Situation First

You’d actually like to make the grass a place where you could play football and tackle someone. Or touch football if you want to be gentler. Is your soil right? Is it the home turf you hoped for?

There’s hope and help for those who just don’t want to deal with the many elements it takes to make the lawn green. And you don’t have to do it all yourself. Hiring a lawn care service means you can get that enviable green lawn without losing your Saturdays.

Groundhog Day Could Be Every Day — Or Not

Once a year in early February, everyone thinks about those cute furry creatures that feature in at least one popular movie. They may be cute, but you may not find them so adorable when they dig up your lawn — whether they predict an early spring or not. You need an expert to get those critters to move along.

Fire Ants at the Picnic or Movie Party Are Not Welcome

Don’t try to DIY a solution to these prolific and scary critters. Get bitten or stung by one and you’ll feel it. Some people could be allergic to the venom and might need a visit to an emergency ward. Not the best way to end a picnic luncheon. Instead, call an expert to remove these safety hazards from your yard.

Your Trees Look Like Something Out of a Horror Film

If your trees look like the backdrop to a horror scene, with no leaves when other trees on the street have them, and don’t seem to be thriving, you’ve lost some great environmental help. Trees get rid of pollutants and carbon dioxide. Contact an arbor expert to make the difference so your trees can be green and leafy.

Weeds Are Taking Over

Breaking your back bent over weeding is not how you expected to spend your time. Enjoying family fun days and having friends over for your annual horror film fest is how you’d like to your free time to go. Weed control seems too confusing. Will you accidentally poison the kids or the dog with the spray you’re using? Where do you start? How often do you need to spray? It’s just too much work. Again, call someone to take care of the hard work while you get ready to settle in for the popcorn fest!

Your home should be a source of joy, not a source of work. You want those family events — home horror festivals or not — that make life memorable. Start popping the popcorn. You can be the homeowner with the green thumb.