Smart Lawyers – Take Your Control of Your Email Inbox

As a diligent attorney, you continually aim to meet-and exceed-your clients’ expectations. It goes without saying that a satisfied client is the best route to obtaining referrals and increased business.  But how do you make the leap from lawyer to trusted advisor? One of the best ways to put your clients’ first is by staying on top of all communications (emails and phone calls) pertaining to their matter received by your firm.

To do this, you need to establish protocols within your firm to make certain that everyone associated with the matter has access to all matter-related communications so they can stay up to speed. But copying and forwarding relevant emails to everyone on the team is a cumbersome and inefficient process.  This is where the right legal practice management software comes into play.  A well-conceived application, such as Zola Suite, will provide a seamless interface to store case-related communications and provide confirmation that your legal team effectively responds to your clients’ needs. Modern practice management software enables you to keep copies of all case-related communications (including emails and phone messages) with the respective matter so you and everyone in the firm who is working on the matter can stay current and can provide insights into where you may be falling short.

Once email is filed with a matter, you no longer have to remember to cc members of your staff because the information is available to any team member with access to the practice management software.   No more searching through your email inbox to locate the email. You can even delete emails from your inbox and rest easy knowing that matter-related emails are safely stored for future reference.

Take the time to review communications between your firm and clients on a regular basis. It will increase accountability and improve your client relationships. If you discover that your clients aren’t receiving prompt, helpful responses from your team, you must take action.  It is far better to be explicit about your expectations with your colleagues than to hear the news from an unhappy client.