Electronic Gadgets have taken a Centre Stage in Your Life – Check out How It Is Hampering Us

Our laptop and mobiles have become so important in our life that we have now forgotten to talk, play and socialize among each other. Instead of using it in a productive way we have become lazy and have got addicted to it. It has taken a toll on our health. Excessive use of electronic gadgets damages and causes a lot of problem on our health. In short, it is hazardous to our health.

The researches claim that most of today’s population keep their mobile phones besides them while sleeping.

Below are few side effects that mobile phones or laptop caused to our health

Cell phones have now caused and are the major reason behind depriving sleep among youth as well as adult.

It makes us over actively vigilant hence, we get more disturbed and we do not get sound sleep. It might also cause insomnia and other problems.

The bright blue light on our screen stops the body from generating melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone, which helps us to sleep. It is naturally generated as the day gets darker.

The green and blue light that emits from your laptop and cell phones instruct your brain that it is still day, which stops melatonin hormone to function, this spoils and disturbs your sleep.

If we expose and strain our eyes in the dark, the rays and light that emits from our mobile phones will damage the retina and it might be cancerous.

Few tips that might help you to get a sound sleep at night

Turn your phone in silent mode before you are off to bed- it is better off if you turn your cell phones in flight mode before sleeping but many of them do not want to miss on important calls or text. Hence, it is better that it is kept on the silent mode. Phone on silent mode will help you to keep track of all the calls and text you have missed and it will give you a sound sleep at night.

Avoid charging your phone near to you at night- many of us are used to peeping on our phone even if we get up in the middle of the night. Charging the phone far off will break through the habit of peeping and also while charging the phone it emits some wavelength rays which damage our brain.

Keep a habit of keeping you phone aside one hour earlier- as mentioned earlier melatonin hormones helps and prepare our body to sleep, but the blue light disturbs and destruct the functioning of it and  affects our sleep. Hence, it is better if one begins to keep aside their laptops and mobile phone one hour before going to bed.

Avoid watching late light news- habitual watching of late night news will increase the heart rate and releases lot of stress hormone, which will cut short and have a disturbed sleep. Hence, rather than watching the daily news at night make a habit of watching it during day time.

Cut down the consumption of caffeine- caffeine hampers and distract our sleeping pattern. It is advisable to not have tea or coffee in the evening rather opt to drink it in the morning. In case, you cannot resist and want to have one then go for a caffeine free drink.

Make a habit of writing down important notes in your dairy- in case you fear that you might forget the important “to do list” in the morning. Instead of using your cell phone you can write it in your dairy.

Next time before checking your phone at night, think about all the above pointers and also you can browse and get more information on www.amerisleep.com that will help you to be alert and aware about your health.