Different Ways To Exercise Without Realizing You Are Doing So

People always have preferred ways to work out and they will recommend that you do the very same thing. The truth is that if you do not enjoy going to the gym, you should not do it. There are countless ways to work out and you do not need to go through challenges like doing a plank for one month unless it is exactly what you want to do.

Exercising should be something that you do for fun. If you think that this is impossible without the regular ways in which people work out these days, here are some ways to work out that you most likely did not even realize were helping you exercise.

Walking And Hiking

Incorporating more walking every single day is much easier than you may think. For instance, if there is a short meeting at work, see if you can do it while walking around the neighborhood. See how you can add some walking to your day-to-day routines and you will start to exercise without knowing it. Take it one step further and go hiking once in a while. It is especially a good idea when you do it with your friends as you tend to hike more and have more fun in the process. Before you even know it you can find yourself walking across many miles at various elevations.

Live Action Role Playing

Commonly known as LARPING, this activity will burn many more calories than what you may think at the moment. You get to use your imagination and if you take it one step further, you will find yourself performing many different actions while running, wearing really heavy costumes or anything else you could imagine.


Taking dance classes or simply going dancing is allowing you to exercise so much more than what you may initially imagine. You will surely find some type of dancing that you will want to experience. You can try tango, flamenco, swing dancing, hip hop, contemporary, jazz or whatever else is of interest for you. Dancing classes elevate your heart rate and always burn calories.

Build Your Own Standing Desk

Let’s face the fact that most of us spend way too much time in front of the computer. Sitting too much can lead to so many health problems. You can so easily do wonders for your posture, burn calories and strengthen legs while you use a standing desk. The great thing about it is that you can actually exercise a little when you build your standing desk.

Clean The Home

Most people do not like to clean their home. If this is you, make everything a game. Put a song on the stereo, crank up the volume and start cleaning while having fun. Burning calories becomes possible when you do this and you also end up with a clean apartment, which is always a great bonus to have as it will improve your mood.

As you can easily see, there are different things you can do in order to work out. Many other things can be done. Just have fun and you find something you truly enjoy.