Are Consumers Falling in Love with Your Brand?

You likely work hard and tirelessly at getting your brand the recognition it so deserves.

That said why would you not promote the brand via your blog, videos, podcasts, social media and other channels?

Unfortunately, too many businesses do just that.

As they let chances to gain customers and grow their revenue streams slip by, they’re then left wondering where all the business is.

Quite simply, the business opportunities were there all along, the business owner just did not take advantage of them.

At the end of the day, are consumers falling in love with your brand?

Taking the Right Approach to Brand Promotions

It really does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that your brand needs to be promoted regularly in order for it to attract the attention it wants and needs.

Even so, many brands just don’t take the steps necessary to build their presence. Part of the reason is that they fail to capitalize on all they have to offer. They don’t take advantage of existing opportunities, nor do they create new ones.

As part of a regular overall search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, here are a few areas your focus should be trained on, areas that a reputable SEO agency can certainly get you going with:

  1. Content that matters – From your website press releases to your blog content, what you say online goes a long way in deciding how much love you will receive from consumers. If you are not exactly the greatest writer going these days, hiring in-house talent or outsource such needs. Either way, do not let your website look like the child who never gets picked to be on a team at school or the woman who always ends up a bridesmaid. Give your website some love, especially when it comes to feeding it meaty and attractive content on a regular basis;
  2. Keywords that resonate – You oftentimes hear about keywords as an integral part of the SEO process, but what exactly does that mean for you? Simply put, it means making sure that you have resonating keywords in any blog articles tied to your brand. For example, if you sell auto insurance, you may be wondering which keywords will stick best with consumers searching for this product. As part of their efforts to assist you, an SEO expert can provide you with analysis of a variety of keywords (auto insurance, auto insurance for sale, buy auto insurance etc.) to see which terms are searched for most often on major search engines like Google. The key is that when a consumer types in one of those terms, you want your brand to be at or near the top of Google’s results page. While it may not sound all that difficult, it is also something you can’t just take a stab at in the dark and hope something sticks. A credible organic SEO consultant will be able to sit down with you and provide in-depth analysis on keyword rankings, which content is best suited for your site, how and why you need to promote that content and so much more;
  3. Social media that attracts – Finally, where are you when it comes to making sure your social media efforts count? Unfortunately, some business owners are about as up on social media as they are what time their employees come and go during the day. Even though you do not need to be obsessed over social media, you simply can’t discount it at the same time either. In order to have a comprehensive social media plan in place, make sure you either once again hire within your company or outsource the needs. While you likely already know which sites get the most attention (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.), do you know what to do with them? Make sure you are not only using the sites to link to copy, images, videos, podcasts etc. that your business is producing, but also share the posts of other relevant businesses. In doing the latter, you bring much more attention to your website, something that can ultimately lead to more revenue. Also engage consumers coming to your social pages, especially those wanting to know more about your brand. If you ignore them, can you really blame them for going elsewhere?


In order to increase the odds that consumers will fall in love with your brand, going the SEO route is more than just a suggestion, it should be a given.