A Foodie’s Guide to the Finest Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai has everything for everyone. And it is no different when it comes to food. You have distinctive cuisines from all over the world. In case you were figuring out which cuisine and which place to opt for today, we have a list of some of the best restaurants around town.


Pai Thai

There is a reason why Pai Thai is ever so popular with tourists, expats and locals alike. Everything about this place comes together to give you a fantastic experience. There are quiet a few names in the list of the top Thai restaurants in Dubai, but Pai Thai stands out the most due to its inviting atmosphere and indulging, delightful food.


Solo Bistronomia

The vision of chef Corrado Pani, brought to life. The passion involved in building the restaurant is evident everywhere you look.

The aesthetics begin to astound you as soon as you enter the place. Just a prequel to the visually pleasing, gastronomical delights to come your way next. Solo has come far within a very short span of time to be one of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai.



Quiet, cozy, edgy yet traditional. The interiors are as enchanting as the cuisine. Whether you are looking to have a business dinner or a family affair, at Sonamu, you can fit just right in. The authentic Korean food with friendly and attentive service brings it to the list of best Korean restaurants in town.




SpiceKlub sure lives up to the hype. The environment is lively yet not too noisy. You will find the restaurant to be crowded on Fridays, which says a lot about its popularity. Considered to be one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Dubai, the food, with its presentation, is the real deal here. This place puts great emphasis in creating the food experience that will take you on a mesmerizing journey of molecular gastronomy. Be sure to come on an empty stomach or you will regret missing out on the wide variety of delicious food.


Em Sherif

Looking for some Arabic food? If you happen to be in Downtown Dubai, you are in close proximity to one of the best Lebanese restaurants, Em Sheriff. Located next to the Dubai Mall, Em Sherif has incredible view of Burj Khalifa and the Dancing Fountains. There is a set menu and dishes keep coming endlessly. The artistry in composing the platter is a pure delight to behold.

The chefs have shown extreme mastery and skill by giving the traditional Arabic food a modern edge. The experience is worth investing in and will surely leave you satiated.


Dubai has brought the term “Global City” to life with its ardent display of love for every culture. This list is just the tip of the iceberg. You can always get more options by searching connect.ae for what you are in the mood to devour. Rest assured, you will get more options than you could imagine.